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Commercial Electric Lawn Mowers

Oso Electric Equipment has innovatively designed an industrial-grade 21″ commercial electric smart lawnmower. Experience the cutting-edge technology of our battery-powered solution, setting the standard for next-generation industrial lawn care equipment.

The Future is Here

Cloud-Connected Smart Mower for Total Fleet Management

As the world changes, so should your technology. Not only does our electric mower bring an unbeatable return on investment compared to gas-powered mowers, it includes real-time GPS tracking, intelligent maintenance monitoring, and the ability to receive performance, efficiency, and safety updates from the cloud. This is truly an enterprise-grade lawn mower for the next generation of landscaping professional.


Outperform the competition with a superior product that just keeps getting better.

Our design philosophy embraces the circular economy. prioritizing durable products made from sustainable materials. We aim for extended product lifespan and facilitate end-of-life recycling to reuse and recycle materials for refurbishing or creating new mowers.

In contrast to the common practice of designing products to match warranty periods, we exceed standard warranties and implement a discretionary buyback program to refurbish our products as many times as possible.

Nag Rao, Founder/CEO

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Quality Assurance

Buy Back Program

At our discretion, we will buy back your used Oso Lawn Mowers for a portion of the original purchase price. The amount will be determined based on length of ownership, condition of the mower, and other factors.

We believe in the quality of our equipment, and we are confident that our customers are going to continue to use Oso for their professional landscaping needs. Contact us today to learn more.