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5 Reasons Commercial Lawn Care Pros Are Going Electric

It was not that long ago that the idea of commercial lawn care companies choosing electric equipment instead of gas would have been unthinkable. Just a few years ago electric lawn mowers, edgers and trimmers were underpowered, unreliable and totally unsuitable for commercial purposes.

Back then few commercial lawn care companies would have dreamed that they would soon be in the market for the very electric equipment they once derided. But now that the batteries are more efficient, the prices are more affordable, and the benefits of going green are more apparent, electric lawn care equipment is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Here are five reasons electric lawn care equipment is such a smart and worthwhile investment.

Fewer Noise Complaints

If your commercial lawn care beat includes tony suburbs and gated communities, you have probably heard your fair share of noise complaints. Nobody wants to wake up to the sound of a noisy lawn mower, but when you go electric you could see those noise complaints fade into the background.

Compared to their gas powered equivalents, electric lawn mowers and edgers are almost silent. Instead of lodging noise complaints, those previously unhappy homeowners will be impressed with the quiet and efficient operation of the equipment in your lawn care fleet.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Commercial lawn mowers, trimmers and edgers work all day every day, and all that wear and tear can be expensive. Many lawn care companies spend thousands of dollars a quarter just keeping their equipment running, and that can really eat into the bottom line.

Electric lawn care equipment is far less maintenance intensive – in fact this gas-less mowers and trimmers are nearly maintenance free. Other than the battery, there is very little that can go wrong, and modern batteries are far more durable than those of a generation ago.

Zero Fuel Costs

It is no secret that fuel costs are on the rise. Whether they run on gas or diesel, those commercial lawn mowers are not inexpensive to fuel up, and that can sharply reduce the profits of the lawn care companies that use them.

Diesel fuel and gasoline are also difficult and cumbersome to transport, and the extra weight they add to transport trucks can make operating the business even more costly. By choosing electric lawn care equipment instead, those companies can completely avoid all of these problems, driving their fuel costs down to zero.

Environmental Incentive Eligibility

Governments around the country have grown so concerned about the impact of climate change that they are literally willing to put their money where their worries are. Tax breaks and other incentives for companies willing to go green are everywhere, possibly even in the towns where you do business.

When you trade in your gas guzzling lawn equipment for more efficient electric models, you could get a double benefit. You may be able to get a one-time payment for junking your old gas powered equipment, all while gaining eligibility for additional tax incentives down the line. These incentives could literally make your new lawn care equipment pay for itself.

An Advertising Edge

These days more and more people are looking at the environmental impact of their lawns, and many are not liking what they see. Keeping that lush lawn fed, watered and fertilized is not exactly green, especially when the trimming is done by a gas powered mower.

That new environmental awareness means that going green could be a huge marketing win for your lawn care company. Advertising that your fleet is fully fossil fuel free and completely electric is a great way to set your company apart from the rest, giving you yet another important benefit.

As you can see, commercial lawn care is in the midst of a green revolution, and many providers are already cashing in. If you are ready to do your part for the environment, you just might find that a fully electric fleet of lawn mowers, trimmers and edgers will be just as good for business as it is for the earth.