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We Build Environmentally Friendly Lawn mowers

We’re in the business of good business. When we set out to build an all-electric, eco-friendly lawn mower, we wanted all of the benefits of gas with none of the environmental drawbacks. Our mission is to create superior products that perform with less waste, less maintenance, and more value to your business and the world.

Oso Electric Equiptment Mower

Our Purpose is Simple

Electrify Your World

Our patent pending commercial walk-behind electric mower will be the staple of all commercial lawn mowers. Commercial lawn equipment can get used 5-6 hours a day for 5-6 days a week, for 6-10 months per year depending on the geographical location.

With such a large volume of use, the continuing cost of gas-powered equipment is heavy — both to the operators of this equipment and the environment. We aim to benefit both parties with a superior product that offers a low environmental footprint. We provide an eco-friendly mower that has all the power and performance that gas offers, without the cost to the planet.



One gas-powered mower emits 5x more pollution than a car


One gas-powered blower emits 5x more pollution that a gas-powered vehicle

Over 2.5 Tons of GHG Emissions

17M Gallons Spilled

Discover the Benefits of an All-Electric Fleet

Eco-friendly lawn mowers with instant start

Instant Start

Never waste time & energy trying to pull-start a gas-powered lawn mower again, and you can even operate the self-drive wheels without starting the blade.

An eco-friendly lawn mower with innovative Controls

Innovative Controls

Our patent-pending single lever allows you to control both the blade and the self-drive motor simultaneously.

Reduce noise pollution

Quiet Operation

Noise pollution can be just as bad as air pollution. Give your employees the benefit of less noise and cleaner air on the job.

Nag Rao set out to build an eco-friendly lawn mower

The Vision

Outperform the Competition with a Superior Product

“It is our vision to build a mower that not only meets or surpasses all the performance characteristics of a gas mower, such as cut quality, maneuverability and range, but to offer the additional benefits of an electric mower mixed with cloud-based technology for an ever-improving experience.”

Nag Rao, Founder/CEO