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Gas vs. Electric Commercial Landscaping Equipment 

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If you are still using gas-powered lawn equipment for your commercial landscaping business in 2023, we only have one question for you: why? Energy-efficient commercial landscaping equipment is readily available and out there. Are you ready to make the switch? 

It’s time you ditch the old equipment and stop coming home smelling like gasoline. Let’s review why the change to electric should be your priority in 2023. 

Less Maintenance with Electric Commercial Landscaping Equipment 

 When you say goodbye to gas-powered commercial landscaping equipment, you also say bye to oil changes, air filter changes, checking the spark plugs and carburetor are clean and working among other time-consuming tasks. Whereas you are supposed to tune up your gas-powered mower every 100 hours or so, you do not have to worry about that with its electric counterpart. Commercial electric equipment only requires charging batteries, which seems much simpler than the above-mentioned work. 

Gas-powered equipment is dirty 

 According to the California Air Resources Board, operating a gas leaf blower for one hour can create as much pollution as driving a Toyota Camry from El Paso to New Orleans, or about 1,100 miles. In 2018, Americans consumed about 3 billion gallons of gasoline running lawn equipment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that is the equivalent of the annual energy use of more than 3 million homes.  

Not only is gas-powered commercial equipment polluting the air, but it also contributes to noise pollution. More than 170 communities around the United States have limited the use of commercial lawn equipment to daytime hours only because of the noisiness of gas-powered commercial landscaping equipment.  

Give Oso Electric Equipment a Call! 

 If you are in the market for electric commercial landscaping equipment, Oso Electric Equipment has the right 21” electric lawn mower for your needs. Fill out a form on our website or call us at 844-676-0123 to learn more.  

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