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Electric Lawn Mowers

Ready to transition to all-electric with a commercial electric mower?

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  • innovative controls
    Patent pending single lever allows you to control both the blade and the self-drive motor.

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Saving at Your Fingertips:
Electric Lawn Mowers

Consider the Cost: With a national average of $3.50 per gallon of gasoline being used for 4-5 hours of mowing per day (an average during mowing season), plus the additional ~$300-$500 in annual maintenance costs per gas mower, the cost of running your business is rising every day. When you see the numbers, the Oso 21-Inch All-Electric Lawn Mower almost pays for itself.

CHG emissions per year

CHG emissions per year

CHG emissions per year

Batteries that get the job done

Our standard battery, This lithium iron phosphate battery can power your Oso 21 Inch walk-behind lawn mower for over 2 hour in optimal conditions. Bring a few with you on the job and you will be able to go all day without stopping to recharge.

Your 120v/2A plug on the go PlugGO is a power bank that uses your external Oso batteries, allowing you to power your equipment on the road.


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