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Discover the latest news and information about Oso Electric Equipment and what we’re doing to help improve the landscaping industry while making the world a better place.

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National Lawn Care Month
Sustainable Landscaping Practices for National Lawn Care Month

National Lawn Care Month presents an opportune time for professional landscapers to showcase their expertise while advocating for sustainability. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore practical…

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Smarter Mowing with Oso Electric
Embracing Green Technology: Oso’s Commercial Electric Smart Push Mower Sets the Standard

In the world of lawn care, efficiency, power, and sustainability are paramount. For this reason, Oso introduced its 21-inch Commercial Electric Smart Mower. Designed to exceed expectations and transfo…

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Spring Mower Prep
Spring Into Action: Prepping Your Battery-Powered Commercial Electric Mower

As winter’s chill fades away, the lively energy of spring calls us outdoors, marking the start of lawn care season. If you depend on the eco-friendly efficiency of battery-powered commercial ele…

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California Landscaping
Launching an Electric Lawn Care Company in California

California, with its progressive environmental ethos and commitment to sustainability, provides a fertile ground for businesses that embrace eco-friendly practices. Starting an electric lawn care comp…

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Battery Powered - Industrial Mowers
How Electric Mowers Can Boost Your Lawn Care Business and the Environment 

In the world of lawn care, making a positive impact on both your business and the environment is now easier than ever. If you’re still pushing gas-powered mowers, it might be time to consider th…

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Oso Electric Equipment Announces Strategic Partnership with WCS Distributing to Expand Market Presence     

Irving, TX  (January 3, 2024) — Oso Electric Equipment, a leading commercial electric lawn mower manufacturer, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with WCS Distributing, a prominent distrib…

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