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Discover the latest news and information about Oso Electric Equipment and what we’re doing to help improve the landscaping industry while making the world a better place.

California Landscape Laws – Electric Lawn Equipment

California is set to become the first state to require landscape contractors and homeowners to use electric equipment for all lawn care activities, trimming bushes, and cutting of grass. In a move aim…

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Product Ownership and Climate Change

There is almost unanimous consensus among scientists that climate change is continuing to exacerbate each year and is now a serious existential threat to humans. The weather extremes we have witnessed…

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Cut Your Carbon Footprint With an Electric Lawnmower

Despite their small size, gas lawnmowers have incredibly inefficient motors, meaning that they produce a significant amount of air pollution. Gas powered lawn equipment emits high levels of carbon dio…

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5 Reasons Commercial Lawn Care Pros Are Going Electric

It was not that long ago that the idea of commercial lawn care companies choosing electric equipment instead of gas would have been unthinkable. Just a few years ago electric lawn mowers, edgers and t…

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Lower Costs, Increase Revenue

We’d love for you to see what our lawn mower can do for your business. Whether we come to you or schedule a time for you to tour our shop, we know that testing out your new power equipment is important. Contact us today to request a demo.