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Discover the latest news and information about Oso Electric Equipment and what we’re doing to help improve the landscaping industry while making the world a better place.

Battery Powered - Industrial Mowers
How Electric Mowers Can Boost Your Lawn Care Business and the Environment 

In the world of lawn care, making a positive impact on both your business and the environment is now easier than ever. If you’re still pushing gas-powered mowers, it might be time to consider th…

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Oso Electric Equipment Announces Strategic Partnership with WCS Distributing to Expand Market Presence     

Irving, TX  (January 3, 2024) — Oso Electric Equipment, a leading commercial electric lawn mower manufacturer, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with WCS Distributing, a prominent distrib…

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Oso Roadmap for 2024

Oso Electric Equipment was established 2 years ago with a simple mission: Electrify Your World. As part of that mission, we focused our aim on electrifying small to medium-sized gasoline engines in va…

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Save Money with Electric Lawn Care
Saving Money and Resources: The Economic Advantages of Electric Mowers for Landscape Professionals

In the world of landscaping professionals, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. The tools and equipment used can significantly impact both the bottom line and environmental sustainability.…

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Embracing Green Innovation
Embracing Green Innovation: Enhancing Landscaping Practices with Electric Mowers 

When it comes to commercial landscaping, the choices your business makes have an impact on both the environment and your bottom line. In recent years, there has been a gr…

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LISTEN: Oso on Electric Lawn Talk

We enjoyed being featured on Electric Lawn Talk: Episode 6 – The Nitty Gritty of Charging.

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The Shift to Electric Landscaping Equipment

As commercial landscape companies strive to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously increasing efficiency & profitability across operations, many are switching from gasoline-powered…

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LISTEN: Oso on Irrigator Tech Talk

Don’t miss us on the Irrigator Tech Talk podcast. “Irrigator Tech Talk is the place to come for all the knowledge you need about irrigation from a couple of guys who have been in it for de…

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Gas vs Electric Landscaping Equipment
Gas vs. Electric Commercial Landscaping Equipment 

If you are still using gas-powered lawn equipment for your commercial landscaping business in 2023, we only have one question for you: why? Energy-efficient commercial landscaping equipment is readily…

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Dallas, Texas Could Ban Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment

The City of Dallas leaders and the environmental committee are now ready to phase out public and private use of gas-powered lawn equipment to help mitigate over 41 tons of noxious carbon emissions ann…

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Oso In Action
How Oso is Shaping the State of Electrification in the Commercial Landscaping Industry

Oso Electric Equipment has been busy for the past 2 years designing and building a brand new 21” commercial-grade electric walk-behind lawn mower. We had our first working prototype ready in the summe…

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4 Reasons to Go Electric

Maintaining a lush green lawn in your home is not a big hassle if proper skills and tools are utilized. The lawn mower is one of the preeminent tools and is the best option for homeowners, gardeners, …

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California Landscape Laws – Electric Lawn Equipment

California is set to become the first state to require landscape contractors and homeowners to use electric equipment for all lawn care activities, trimming bushes, and cutting of grass. In a move aim…

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Product Ownership and Climate Change

There is almost unanimous consensus among scientists that climate change is continuing to exacerbate each year and is now a serious existential threat to humans. The weather extremes we have witnessed…

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Cut Your Carbon Footprint With an Electric Lawnmower

Despite their small size, gas lawnmowers have incredibly inefficient motors, meaning that they produce a significant amount of air pollution. Gas powered lawn equipment emits high levels of carbon dio…

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5 Reasons Commercial Lawn Care Pros Are Going Electric

It was not that long ago that the idea of commercial lawn care companies choosing electric equipment instead of gas would have been unthinkable. Just a few years ago electric lawn mowers, edgers and t…

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